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Texas Vintage Sound
Guitar & Instrument Amplifier Specialists

Texas Vintage Sound provides the following facilities:

Professional Advice

Repairs & Estimates for all types of amplifiers; tube, semiconductor, hybrid

  • Only rated, quality, trusted & traceable source, replacement components used; Texas Vintage Sound does not buy from “Hobby Stores”
  • All work includes electrical safety checks
  • Expedited service available

Modifications & Enhancements

  • Design improvements
  • Speaker upgrades
  • Re-tube, re-bias, tube set upgrades

Fully equipped diagnostic, repair & test facility

  • Rework
  • Soak testing
  • Full documentation; service/calibration reports

Custom builds

Vintage amps

Let Texas Vintage Sound restore & transform your classic amplifier to its original condition and tone.

Please note:

Semiconductor (solid state) and hybrid amplifiers have their place, and are rightly preferred by countless performers. Due to the recent proliferation of embedded digital effects (modeling) in many budget/lower end amplifiers, repair of such highly integrated subassemblies becomes challenging. Manufacturers have leaned toward surface mount components and proprietary software code: i.e. these modules are designed for “replacement” rather than repair. Consequently, the repair cost implications can be disproportionate. While Texas Vintage Sound endeavors to provide the most comprehensive service, openness and honesty dictates that we reserve evaluation of this class of amplifier repair on an individual basis.

Advice is always freely given; please inquire.