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The origin of Texas Vintage Sound dates back to the mid-60’s in the UK when I had a weekend job at a local TV radio and audio repair shop, before pursuing (and surviving) a lifetime career in electronics design and development. Consequently, I cut my teeth on tube and early transistor equipment; there wasn’t anything else. Moreover, I was fortunate to witness the transition to solid state technology through its many phases.

But, as a teenager and aspiring guitarist, I was inured with what would become the first generation of classic rock, the essence of which is embodied in the 1950’s vintage tube tone of Fender, Gibson, Guild, Premier, Epiphone and more. Some of these had fueled post-war jazz and electric blues as the guitar broadened its ascendancy to a front-line lead instrument.

However, Leo Fender alone had recognized early that partnering the guitar with the right amplifier was the key factor, and that was essence of tone. This was the era when tone came of age; the substance that inevitably leads musicians in their quest for the true sound; not power. Leo's early amps provided a clean sound with plenty of headroom, but he also recognized the importance of harmonic distortion from overdrive, sustain, power supply sag and choice of loudspeaker and tube set, (to name but a few) that influenced individual tone. Later musicians would pair his amps with many different instruments, but that is history; just take a look at any backline of amps onstage.

Texas Vintage Sound exists to preserve this legacy through support and preservation of tube amp equipment, offering a complete repair and restoration service. Additionally, any tube amp can be enhanced by informed choice of tube set, correct biasing, or choice of loudspeaker voicing.

Of course, we also respect solid state technology, and we are well equipped to service all types of instrument amplifiers. Try us, and thank you for visiting with Texas Vintage Sound.

Geoff High